Religious studies

The are two parts to this project. Please use all the resources provided. Pleas

The are two parts to this project.
Please use all the resources provided. Please do not add questions to the paper but number each answer. Thank you
Part 1 on one-page
answer the following questions.
The Hebrew name for the book of Psalms is Tehillim, or “Praises.” Perhaps this is what we might expect from a book that concludes its very final chapter, “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the LORD!!” (Ps 150:6). It often strikes modern readers as shocking when they find out the single most prolific genre in the Psalter is “lament.” A lament is basically an expression of woe, a realistic examination of the writer’s tough situation and a raw depiction of the author’s desperation. And get this: This is the liturgical book of Israel! They sang these songs, often in corporate worship! With this in mind, answer the following questions:
1. Why do you suppose there are more laments than anything else in a book titled “Praises”?
2. Read Psalm 13 for a short example of a lament. How does this expression of lament in the Psalms differ from modern expressions of laments, even from your own laments?
3. Think about your life experience. First, has your background encouraged or discouraged lamenting in your life? Why?
4. What do you think would be the impact of regularly incorporating lament into your life? What would it look like? What might be some challenges?
a) What aspect of the Kingdom is in view this week? Define and describe it briefly.
b) What is a quick synopsis of this part of the storyline? Summarize the chapter.
c) How does it seem that this aspect of the Kingdom fits into and flows from the previous parts of the story from the previous weeks?
d) How does this chapter contribute to the significance of seeing the holistic big picture of the Bible?
Read the following: Let me know if I need to provide the literature. Thank you
Introduction to Old Testament by Carson, D.A and Douglas Moo 103-188
God Big Picture by Roberts, Vaughan 93-110: Chapter 5 (the Prophesied Kingdom)
Psalms 1-10, 22-24, 150
Proverbs 1-3, 15-16, 31
Ecclesiastes 1-2, 12
Song of Solomon 1-8
Job 1-3; 40-42
Lamentations 5
Ezra 1-2, 7
Nehemiah 1-4, 13
Esther 1-10
Daniel 1-6