Public Speaking

Research your topic using legitimate and appropriate resources.

In order to complete this assignment, you will be expected to:Develop, organize, adapt, and present an informative message to a small audience;
Develop a preparation outline and bibliography using proper outline and APA formats for a 5-7 minute presentation;
How to Complete this Assignment
Step 1: Select Your Topic- Your job is to inform your audience about an object, process, event, or concept . The topic you discuss for this informative speech should be of significance to your audience.
If you are struggling in selecting a topic, view the additional resources in Chapters 4 and 12 to learn more about selecting an informative topic.
Get to know and understand your topic. Research your topic using legitimate and appropriate resources.
Develop your topic by determining your general purpose, specific purpose, and central idea
Does my topic have the work effect/affect on the specific purpose, central idea, or main points? (i.e. the effects of carbon emission on this plant)
Do my topic attempt to solve a problem? (i.e. suicide is the leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults)
Does my topic discuss the prevention of medical illness? (i.e. Hispanics can prevent diabetes by exercising, eating smaller portions, and changing their diet)
Does my topic say the word benefits, cures, or cause?
Does my topic attempt to convince my audience of something? (i.e. any conspiracy theory)Here are some questions you should ask about your Informative Topic. If you answer Yes to at least one of these questions, please select a new topic: