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Carneal also watched violent video-

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Complete problem 5.3 about Michael
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Henry R. Cheeseman, Business Law, 11th Edition
5.3 Proximate Cause Michael Carneal was
a 14-year-old freshman student in high school
in Paducah, Kentucky. Carneal regularly
played violent interactive video and computer
games that involve the player shooting virtual
opponents with computer guns and other
weapons. Carneal also watched violent video-
recorded movies and internet sites. Carneal
took a .22-caliber pistol and five shotguns into
the lobby of his high school and shot several
of his fellow students, killing three and
wounding many others. The three students
killed were Jessica James, Kayce Steger, and
Nicole Hadley.
The parents of the three dead children sued
the producers and distributors of the violent
video games and movies that Carnal had
watched prior to the shooting. The parents
sued to recover damages for wrongful death,
alleging that the defendants were negligent in
producing and distributing such games and
movies to Carneal. The defendants responded
by asserting that they were not the proximate
cause of Carneal’s school shooting, and that
they were therefore not liable to the plaintiffs
for the damage caused by Carneal’s actions.
Were the producers and distributors of the
video games and movies the proximate cause
of the death of the victims of Carneal’s ac-
tions? James v. Meow Media, Inc., 300 F.3d 683,
2002 U.S. App. Lexis 16185 (United States
Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, 2002)