You are required to write an essay on a topic of your choosing related to leader

You are required to write an essay on a topic of your choosing related to leadership in the public services. In deciding on an area to write about, you may consider issues that are currently topical, areas of personal interest or topics that are cutting edge (i.e. an area of leadership in the public services that has yet to receive much research attention).
Whichever subject you choose to write about, you will be required to formulate an essay question that clearly indicates the issue under investigation and the ‘problem’ being explored. Examples of topic areas include gender and leadership in the public services; leadership in the public services of the future; employee motivation in the public services; diversity management in the public services.
However, essay questions are much more specific and pose a question. An example of an essay question is:
What are the leadership challenges associated with gender inequality in public services and how can these be addressed by leaders?
You will be able to liaise with the module convenor about your essay title prior to beginning your essay.
You may want to draw on academic articles, biographies, books, reports or press articles in your work. You may want to discuss a leadership issue that resonates with your personal experience. Crucially, for a good grade, students should demonstrate a masterful understanding of the field of leadership studies, wide reading, and sophisticated critical analysis of their chosen leadership issue.
It should be 2300 words APA 7 referencing