Please write a 2000-word essay on the topic below:During your research, you have

Please write a 2000-word essay on the topic below:During your research, you have identified a gene which you hypothesise is involved in promoting cancer. Firstly, describe how you could confirm this role including model systems that you could use to generate strong pre-clinical data. Assuming, based on the preclinical data generated, that your hypothesis is correct describe the clinical trials (Phase 1-3) that you would carry out to determine the effects in humans of a hypothetical new drug targeting this gene, that has not previously been tested in humans, with reference to (a) clinical efficacy and (b) potential side effects.Factors to bear in mind…· How could you ensure that the model systems used to generate the pre-clinical data were relevant to the clinical situation?· How would you validate the gene’s functional role in those models?· How would you determine that it was effective in humans?· How might you demonstrate its mechanism of action in humans?· What are its likely side effects, and how will you monitor for them?N.B. By selecting a specific gene to target in one type of cancer, it will be easier to define how you will measure efficacy and side effects in preclinical models and patients.• Good answers generally– are logically argued– make good use of examples– use diagrams where appropriate– include referencesGeneric answers will receive a lower markAnswer both parts : introduce your gene target > preclinical work > clinical trialI have attached the full essay description, mark schemes and example essay below: